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Make no mistake — Henry Ford built Richmond Hill.  His impression was left, and shows to this day.  Once known as Ways Station, Richmond Hill is what remains from a railroad town, built along the rails that made their way to the Ogeechee River.  Henry Ford’s winter home resided here in what’s now known as Ford Plantation – once consisting of nearly 85,000 acres.  The name Richmond Hill comes from the name of the hill/embankment along the river where Mr. Ford’s house was built.  It’s a relatively small town, with a population short of 8,000 residents, but an extremely popular destination, nonetheless.  Maybe that because of it’s location just outside of the Fort Stewart Army Base, population approximately 19,000.  Richmond Hill is also not far south of Savannah’s heavily retail Southside.  Popular among retirees, military families, boat and water enthusiasts and more, Richmond Hill tends to be pricey due to the lack of available inventory and especially pricey on the water.  It’s the cutest upscale small town in our neck of the woods.  The school system ranks among the best in Georgia.

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